Petphoria Peanut Barker Luxury Dog Treats


Made small batches, in the USA. Packed in eco-friendly tubes because we care for the environment!
Petphoria Dog Infinity Scarves

Dog Infinity Scarves

Handmade and just in time for the fall!
Petphoria Matching Set For Dogs and Humans

Match With Your Bestie

T Shirts, Bow Ties, Bandanas and Scrunchies!
Petphoria Handmade Dog Bandanas

Handmade Bandanas

That may or may not contain swear words
Sociable Modern Dog Parent

Who love the finer things in life. Offering a wide variety of products for your pet - from delicious treats to trendy toys. Our premium collection enables pet owners to shop with confidence!

Dog Treats


Made In The USA

With simple, natural ingredients that matter. Also made in small batches so we can ensure quality in each treat!

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What People Are Saying...on Behalf of Their Dogs

"My dog was so excited for her Petphoria package that she ripped it open herself!"

Melody, Dog Mom to Olive

"Tail was wagging so fast and he wanted more right away! Bark bark he said!!!"

Allie, Dog Mom to Buddah

"Every flavor she tried turned into her new favorite!"

Ben, Dog Dad to Emi